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Do you want the very best mortgage, home loan or finance available, with the lowest interest and fee costs, the best terms 

and insurance that will pay you when you should be paid.?

It's what we do, and we've been doing it for 20 years.

If you need a light bulb changed you can do it yourself. If you need a rewire you'd better get an electrician.

It's just the same in financial services. You won't burn the house down if you get it wrong but it sure can cost you!

Contact us now. Call us on  0800 222999 or email us.

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We can talk direct to the lenders and the insurers. We know what they can and can't do and sometimes what they can do- but choose not to do.

We will sometimes put the same proposition to the same lender that declined an application put to them by another broker or the client direct, and get it approved!

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The relationship between you and the bank or insurance company is very one sided.

You might be able to negotiate a couple of percentage points off your mortgage interest rate and maybe get some cash back but the banks are still pulling in record profits (over $5 Billion to 4 banks alone this year) despite the lowest interest rates in memory.

What does that tell you? Pehaps you need someone working for you?

And as for insurance policies. There is no negotiation.

"Here is the policy, please sign here".
Often with pages and pages of small print, terms and conditions that noone reads. Not that they can be easily understood!

Insurance policies often include clauses that let the insurer simply change their mind.

Unfortunately the first you know about the shortcomings in your income protection policy for example is when you ring to lodge a claim and they say "I'm sorry but your policy doesn't cover that situation because..."

The best policies are sold by independent advisors.  

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Recent research by ASIC in Australia found that insurance purchased direct by the consumer without the help of an independent advisor had a 71% higher chance of having claims declined

Use an advisor!

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New Zealand is a unique and a beautiful place. We are proud to be New Zealanders, providing help to New Zealanders.

Let us help you.

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